2014 – September

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I wanted to give you an update as to what is going on in Sierra Leone and had hoped by waiting a few weeks it would be good news, but unfortunately the Ebola outbreak has just escalated.  We were scheduled to go back to Sierra Leone July 29 and operate on several patients but because the majority of the surgeries we do are elective and not emergency cases we elected to suspend doing surgeries and avoid unnecessary exposure to our health care workers and patients to the Ebola virus.  The morgue and holding area for the Ebola patients were just a few feet from our ward and the possible mixing of our patients was concerning to us.  This virus is extremely wicked and as all of you know very lethal to the majority of the people that contract it.

We have 32 Sierra Leonean employees that work with West Africa Fistula Foundation and are extremely loyal and dedicated to caring for the patients.  We have assured our employees and their families we will continue to support them because the cost of food and basic necessities have gone sky high due to the disruption of the economy this unprecedented disease has caused.

I have been on the phone with our staff almost on a daily basis and have been told of numerous unbelievable stories of people dying from this disease.  One particular story ismind boggling in that one of the nurses at the Bo Government hospital contracted the disease, subsequently passed it onto all 10 of her immediate family members – including her husband, children, siblings and parents – and every one of them died.  Below is an example of a text I received from Aminata our Nurse in Charge for WAFF:

I am saying a very big thank u to u for taking care of us at this time that EBOLA is in our country.I am greatfull.God will bless u and your family.people are infected every day.but by his grace we will live to tell the story. Ebola has entered freetown and it is killing people more than were it started.i am so worried.so many nurses have deid in freetown.A nurse that was like a sister to me died here in Bo of Ebola now her family is no more every body is died inculding her two years old daughter.this is serious.oh GOD have mercy  – Sent from my iPhone
We are committed to continue helping the people of Sierra Leone, and this horrific disease reaffirms that our vision for better health care facilities is so much needed. I am telling you that helping these people is the most gratifying experience one could imagine. We are asking for your prayers and appreciate your continued support. Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

With gratitude,
Darius R. Maggi, MD

West Africa Fistula Foundation

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WAFF Staff assisting a patient.

WAFF Nurse – Rachel
Sierra Leone cooking
WAFF Staff – Kadiatu

Dr. Mannah with Kabba (WAFF Maintenance)

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