2014 – May

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Well I know I am late but we have had a lot going on. Our last trip was Feb. 2, 2014 and we had many patients anxiously awaiting the surgery that would change their life back to normal and fortunately we were able to successfully help 85% of these ladies as the other 15% had had multiple surgeries previously or were deemed irreparable until we get our new facility which will allow us to have a 100% success rate on these ladies.  We also were able to operate on many women and young girls for Gynecological conditions including a lady that had a 22lb. tumor that was fortunately benign (not malignant).  Unfortunately we continue to see many women with cancer that if seen earlier would have a very good chance of survival.  We had a 14 year old girl with severe complications from FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) we were able to repair and restore her to a near normal condition.

To give you an idea how life changing surgeries can be we had 2 ladies that had had urine running down their legs for 50 years and 34 years respectfully that walked out of the hospital completely dry.

Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith continues to amaze all of us with her efforts in fund raising as she again competed in the Iron-Man competition in New Zealand surpassing her previous record by raising $33, 593.60 which was donated to the West Africa Fistula Foundation by many of her friends and patients.

During this trip we were honored to have the Restore Hope Foundation associated with the First Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas and several of their board members and spouses visit our facility as they also have projects in Sierra Leone. We also had Mr. Steve Pfieffer, a board member of Project Hope, come and tour our program.

A few weeks ago a group of ladies from the Gateway Church in Southlake Texas visited our site and had prayer with the patients on the ward. We very much appreciate all those that contribute to the physical and spiritual needs of our patients and their families.

Bottom line we continue to make great strides with each member of the WAFF team very dedicated to helping the less fortunate and with the Good Lord’s Blessing we will prevail.
We again appreciate your support to make a difference in this world.

For those of you that shop with Amazon.  AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchase to WAFF if you will go to www.smile.amazon.com to do your shopping.  It is the same products, same price, same service.   When you log in just be sure to change the charity to West Africa Fistula Center Foundation.  Even better, at checkout, there is a place for you to spread the word that you have donated to WAFF via social media!

With gratitude,
Darius R. Maggi, MD

West Africa Fistula Foundation

West Africa Fistula Foundation
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Dry for the first time since 1964

Josephine preparing potato leaf for the patients’ meal.

Happy patient after surgery! !

Sierra Leone cooking
Sierra Leone children with homemade toys.

Creative recycling with a gas can, tomato cans, sardine can and pop bottle lids!

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