2009 – January

UPDATE ā€“ January 7, 2009

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am happy to tell you we have just completed another trip to Sierra Leone.

As you are aware we have moved our program to Bo, Sierra Leone which is up country so we can be closer to the people that need our services the most. West Africa Institute (WAI) our newest project which has a broader and more encompassing goal is starting to grow little by little. Dr. Bob Scanlon and Dr. George Mulcaire-Jones from the U.S.A. will be coming the last week of February for a 4 day seminar for the health professionals of Sierra Leone dealing primarily with Maternal and Infant Mortality. We feel much honored for their organization to partner with ours in reducing the deplorable Mortality rate of the Mothers and Infants under 5 in Sierra Leone. We are encouraged this is just a start of many good things to happen for the healthcare of the Sierra Leonean people.
We have come into contact with many other organizations in Sierra Leone and have pushed for all of us to collaborate so we will avoid so much duplication of services and be more productive and efficient and do not care who gets credit for it as long as it is done.

Our most recent trip included many successful VVF (vesico-vaginal) surgeries, RVF (recto- vaginal surgeries, along with many other gynecological surgeries needed by the women of Sierra Leone. Unfortunately we continue to see a tremendous number of women with advanced cancers where appropriate and early screening would be a deterrent to the majority of these we see.

One of the most exciting times of the trip included the probable acquisition of land for the New Medical Center that we are planning in the near future for all the people of West Africa. As stated previously we want this Medical Center to be a referral and teaching hospital for all of West Africa and due to its demographic and geographic location this is the perfect time to embark on this project.
We continue to appreciate each and every one of you that have continued to follow us and work with us during these last several years. We obviously appreciate your continued support morally and financially and will continue to give you updates and be good stewards of a program that you can be part of no matter where you live in this world.
Be sure to go to the website for more updates and other news as it is occurring each and every day.

Darius R. Maggi M.D.

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