October 2016 – All Smiles



October 2016


Dear Friends and Supporters,


I am once again happy to report a successful and fulfilling trip to Sierra Leone.  Twenty-five surgeries were performed with twenty-three of these women now officially “dry”.  Unfortunately, 2 of the women may have irreparable damage.  I will again assess their needs during the next trip.


The faces of these women can express so much better than I can, the radical change of having fistula surgery.  Please let their smiles say a resounding “thank you” for your isatudonations that make their surgeries possible.p1090105-copy

In our August newsletter we introduced you to Yatta, pictured at the right (before and after surgery).  She came to us weighing 70 lbs.  Today she tells her story to other women, bringing them hope, and they are nfindaow coming to our hospital for help.yattayata-before-1-crop


The young lady pictured to the left is Finda.  She is 20 years oldandhad fistula surgery during this trip.  She lost her entire family to Ebola.  Again, a life changed and given a new start due to your generosity.

It is extremely common to have people come to our hospital with severe medical needs and no prospect of help. One such case is the young girl pictured, who is also named Yatta. She is 5 years old and was born with a small growth on the side of her nose that has continued to enlarge.  We need your help to find a doctor or facility in the US that can give her the care that she desperately needs, as there are no medical resources for this in Sierra Leone.  If you have any contacts that may be of help, please let us know at janet.waff@gmail.com or at my number below.I want to take a brief moment to honor Chief Jacob, who came to WAFF 4 years ago and faithfully served as our Kitchen Manager.  Chief Jacob passed away while I was in Africa.  He was truly dedicated, unselfish, and very committed to our program.  He will be greatly missed.


With much gratitude,


Darius R. Maggi, MD



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