August 2016 – A Life Changed

August 2016


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Later this month I will again be going to West Africa. In anticipation of their surgery, we have at least 30 women who have gathered at the clinic and are undergoing physicals, receiving treatment for underlying diseases and parasites, and getting much needed nutrition and vitamin supplements.
Hopefully, we will be able to complete as many as 60 surgeries before returning to the United States.

The women who come to our clinic are generally in very poor health. One such woman was Yatta. She came to the clinic weighing 65-70 pounds, literally having to be carried by others. She is currently receiving care from our staff, and is awaiting surgery. This is just one of the women whose life is being restored thru your efforts.

For years it has been a deep desire of mine to put into words many of the thoughts and feeling I have acquired about “giving back”. Amazon has released Basta!, a book that I have written to encourage both old and young alike to give back. In addition, many of the stories of women like Yatta are included in the book. In efforts to help with the ongoing
expenses of the hospital, all proceeds from Basta! go directly to WAFF.

With gratitude,

Darius R. Maggi, MD

West Africa Fistula Foundation
3621 Pottsboro Rd #150

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